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Week 2: Hope

Hello Senpai Heat! I am back for a new round of great anime songs! This week's theme is all hope. Whether it's hope for something special to happen or always being hopeful for others success, these songs can help bring hope into your everyday life. Enjoy ~Shock


Song 1: Your Lie in April - Hikaru Narav


Besides the very uplifting melody it has, Your Lie in April lyrics talk about never giving up and always hoping for a better tomorrow. When I first heard this song, it made me think of just how important staying positive is.



Song 2: Super Driver - Haruhi Suzumiya


This song is a perfect reflection to it's anime. All about a girl finding herself and thus keeping hope that she will find herself. In the song it alks talks about never giving up on what you believe in.

I sadly couldn't find it's source.


Alrighty folks, there arey picks! Sorry for there only being a couple, I will try to have four to five next week. Other than that, I hope these will help bring hope to some of you or just help give you some sweet tunes to listen to! See you Otakus next week!

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