Sunday Special - Monika (DDLC)

Sunday Special, Monika Special. Mind you; it is Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club. Great game, going to say when I first played it. Although people continually meming the game, had ruined the essence of what made the game unique, enjoyable, and horrifying. When people, who only view anime as a form of entertainment that is solely expressed in sexual and inappropriate ways, states this unusual and at first terrifying experience, into a god damn joke. I am so tired and irritated of having to explain to people that anime isn't all about the eroticism that was imbedded only recently into this exotic form of art, that just because you are a weeb, that you enjoy this different form of animated or 2d art, just because some people only see one side of the story, doesn't mean shit. It doesn't mean you are a pervert; it doesn't mean you are an outcast; it doesn't mean you are a lowlife. You need to stand up for yourself, and for the others who enjoy this form of art, away from the common prejudice of the internet and sometimes, of real life.

Anyway, I am done complaining, enjoy.

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