NNN 2019 - Day 3

"NNN", Or Better Known As No Nut November, Refers To The Event On The Eleventh Month, Where A Man Must Sacrifice The Will The Ejaculate During This Time Of Year. A Man Cannot, Under Any Circumstances Can Sexually Stroke Or Come In Contact With His Genital Area For The Entirety Of Thirty Days Of November, Or Else He Will Become Classified As A Disqualified Member Of Participating In The Act Of NNN. Victors Of The NNN Can Participate In The Celebration Of Destroy Dick December The Following Month, Is Not Recommended, But Can Be Vacant For Only The Victors. Although, Those Who Have Fallen During The Month Of NNN, Receive No Punishment, But Cannot Gain Access To Any Events Revolving Around The Month Of Destroy Dick December. --- Urban Dictionary by The Great Cigbird Show November 14, 2018

I do not own any of the artwork included in this post. This post and this website is only here for educational means, I do not earn anything from it. You should go support those artists, by CLICKING ON THE IMAGES TO GO TO THE ARTIST PAGES. If you wish to download the material, download it from the pixiv page.

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