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Neko Artwork Collection #2

I am not 100% sure how often i will be posting these yet, but expect them at least once or twice a week, as that is currently the plan. What I am thinking is i will do Nekos on mondays, fangs on wednesdays, and kemenomimi on fridays. However, this is still not 100% confirmed, so leave recommendations in the comments or on my discord as to what i should post and when.

Hello, I’m starting a new event for artists to participate in. We’re starting the staff/mod art contest. The event starts today and ends on New Years Eve. To submit work, draw anime versions of the moderators with the tag “senpaiheat2k18-staff” and post it also post the link in #artwork#artwork-chat on discord. We hope you guys design some cool art.

Link to Senpaiheat Official Discord :

Add me on discord: Mzerii#2511




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