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How much popularity was dropped within three episodes?

A lot of Japanese netizens like to send live twitter messages while watching anime, so from the amount of twitter messages that people send on twitter and represent the popularity of the Anime. Recently, a netizen started evaluating the popularity of the spring season animes after each Anime reached episode 4 from looking at the twitter posts (The evaluation does not contain short animes or anime that is updating before the season).

From the chart we can see that according to twitter, hinamatsuri have the highest residual rate, from the first episode of 360 to the fourth episode of 316, only dropping by 12%. Looking at the total amount, Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online have the most amount of posts, sitting at 1569 by the fourth episode, which is 63% of the amount of post during the first episode. Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Persona 5, and Comic Girls all have pretty good results.

Out of those 3, Uma Musume Pretty Derby is kind of unique since the first 2 episodes laughed back to back, so the actual 4th week of the anime is actually week 5. If we evaluate with week 5’s information than residual rate had actually came back to 83%. And because episode 7 is very important, the amount of post reached 1770, residual rate of 101%.

The last graph is a coordinate graph. The x-axis is the residual rate, and the y-axis is the amount of live posts. But because the residual rates are greatly affected by the expectation before the anime launched, so the evaluation can only conclude a general change.

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