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December 2019 - day 17

Short Hair: This is easily obtained by chopping off long hair. It looks good on most girls (pixie is harder to pull off) and can be styled in millions of different ways. Its easier to maintain so its a win-win situation. Girls with shorter hair are not lesbians (although I speak only for myself). Emo girls will dye their short hair bright colors, prep girls might curl theirs, and rocker chicks will give theirs a choppy,layered look. Short hair is super versatile. (I dont agree btw, just to put it out there) --- Urban Dictionary by RockerChick99 January 14, 2011

I do not own any of the artwork included in this post. This post and this website is only here for educational means, I do not earn anything from it. You should go support those artists, by CLICKING ON THE IMAGES TO GO TO THE ARTIST PAGES. If you wish to download the material, download it from the pixiv page.

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