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Cyclops Gentleman x Poor JK! New manga serie Gokuhin JK To Hingai Shinshi now avalible on "LINE"

The Manga serie Gokuhin JK To Hingai Shinshi got published today on the Japanese manga site LINE. The manga is about the everyday life between a poor female high schooler Shino who is working at a cyclops gentleman's mansion.

In the world of Gokuhin JK To Hingai Shinshi, human just began to be able to communicate with non-human. The story started with the poor Shino, who saw a high salary job request, decided to take the job. When she arrived to the working site however, she finds out that the owner of the house is a non-human. And just like that, the maiden Shino and the friendly, negatively self-esteemed non-human gentleman, started their not so normal everyday life.

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