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Anime Music - Tokyo Ghoul

So this is a new serie that I am starting, which is the anime music collection. Here we will have a weekly upload of anime music, or just japanese music in general. This is the first post, and what would be a better start than the one, the legend, TOKYO GHOUL!

The OG Tokyo Ghoul opening music Unravel by "TK from Ling Tosite Sigure" is considered by many one of the best anime opening theme song ever made, and some people even say that what made this anime so good is simply because the epid OST that the anime chose to use. And that is why I am starting with the Tokyo Ghoul OST as the first post for this new collection, so enjoy the amaing music, listen to it when you read the manga, listen to it when you are doing homework, listen to it when you are taking a sh*t, whatever you want.

Anyway, enjoy the music, and have a good day.

SoundCloud Link :


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