Anime Artwork - VOCALOID

This is the vocaloid special, because I can. Also I understand that Hatsune is not part of the vocaloid, I will do a seperate artwork for Hatsune also, but right now I will just put some in this special since if I don't do that I will not be able to have enough artwork . So yeah, here you have it, please enjoy.

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IKU♥1539 - ルカ✿

Bison倉鼠 - 水中花

茶見 - KOE


Lpip - ✱

comet - ~Miku Saga~初音ミク 9th Anniversary

秋吉 - まとめた10

些谷谷 - 忘川

さいね - 【C93新刊】MIXING COLORS

R_りんご - ハク


streamingsun - 弱音ハク

swd3e2 - -Stardust II-

K-STAR - Merry Christmas!

litsvn - 幸福な死を

えこいくしま/画集通販中 - 桜ノ雨 僕らが巡り逢えた奇跡

Criin - Star★Day

Rella - The Beast.

藤実なんな - 10th Anniversary

タロ - うさぎ

Rella - 君の歌で生み出した世界は



Link to the file in case you wants it ;):

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