Anime Artwork - Bathrobe

This is the bathrobe special. A lot of people had asked me for this one after the applecandy special, even a few of my friends in real life. So because of peer pressure, here it is, the bathrobe special.

Also, this is my first attempt to find out who all the artists are that made those artworks. There are a couple that I stil cannot figure out, but I did the best I can :)

It goes like (The author name on Pixiv - The name of the artwork)

Discord Invite Link :

かぷりちお - アズレン3人組

トマリ - 五航戦

marmoset - ユニコーンちゃん

Stu_dts - 暁の航路

雪子@6/18鳩あや② - 翔鶴さん

平井ゆづき - 彩空

mayag(瑪雅G) - 正月

秋タケ - プリンツオイゲンの隙間

太もも@コミ1さ33a - ラフィー 改造おめ

暮名 - ラフィー33

いつも寝てる - メイド服

ひみつ - アズールレーン

ZKI - サン・ルイ

NoriZC - Azur Lane 1st Anniversaty

Kaze - 夕時雨

ATDAN- - Haruna


Machi - ◇

繭咲悠@1日目東シ-60b - 文月ちゃんのはじめての秘書艦


Tsuka - ユニコーン

長門ちゃん - 長門ちゃん~


Link to the file in case you wants it ;):

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